Paypal Help Sheet  
Having problems making an online entry?
    The quick solution

  1. If you are unable to gain access to Paypal through the MOFT site, try making your entry directly through Paypal. Log onto and enter your Paypal account details (if you have one). If you do not have a Paypal account, you will need to press the Sign Up button and follow the steps to open an account.

    When logged into your account, click on the Send icon and then under Send Money To, enter Click on Next. Enter the following details:

    Enter the entry fee payable - £25 for one weapon, £40 for two weapons. Plus £5 per weapon late entry surcharge, if applicable.

    Enter the currency - GBP

    Select Paying for an item or service.

    Under Add a Note, provide your full entry details:
           Name of fencer
           BFA number
           Age Group: Under 18/Senior (non-veteran)/Veteran
           Are you a novice (under two years fencing experience)?

    Press Continue, select your payment method and then click on Send Money Now.

    If successful, you will receive an acknowledgement of your payment from Paypal. Your entry will be added to the MOFT entry database manually and will appear on the website entry list as soon as the payment is notified to us.

    If this method fails, you are likely to have problems with either your system configuration or your Paypal account. If so, please refer to the next section.

  2. Longer solutions

    If you need to resolve configuration or Paypal account problems, the following notes may be of use:

  3. If your browser does not have 128-bit encryption, which is essential for making secure credit or debit card payments through Paypal, you may get an error message saying that the page cannot be displayed. This will prevent you from accessing or opening a Paypal account.

    The solution is to upgrade your browser to a more recent version which offers 128-bit encryption. Useful links are:

    Download the latest version of Internet Explorer
    Download the latest version of Opera
    Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox

  4. If your system is not configured to accept session cookies, you may get an error message saying that the page cannot be displayed, or your session may expire before you can enter your account or payment details. The problem will lie either with the security or privacy settings of your browser, which are preventing cookies from being created, or with your firewall, which is deleting any cookies that you do manage to create.

    The solution is to enable your browser and/or firewall to accept cookies. Refer to your browser/firewall Help section.

  5. If you are unable to use an old Paypal account which was set up prior to mid-2004, this will be because the account has been closed down. A new Paypal User Agreement came into use at that time and any accounts whose users did not accept the new agreement were closed down.

    The solution is to open a new Paypal account.

  6. Other error messages

    If none of the above approaches succeed, consult Paypal's Help pages and enter the number of your error message in the search window.

  7. If all else fails...

  8. Download the Entry Form and make a postal entry!

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