MOFT Champions - Men’s Epee
Winners of the Bishop Trophy for Men’s Epee
2020 Marc Burkhalter Unattached
2019 Calum Johnston Edinburgh
2018 Noe Ives Leon Paul Epee
2017 Adam Gazalet Braveheart
2016 Calum Johnston Edinburgh
2015 Oliver Steed Skipton
2014 Greg Carty Birmingham University
2013 Nils Lemee Glasgow Caledonian University
2012 Nils Lemee Glasgow Caledonian University
2011 James Harris Plymouth
2010 James Harris Plymouth
2009 Jon Willis Stockport
2008 Matthew Edgar Bath Sword
2007 Greg Carty Stockport
2006 Jon Willis Stockport
2005 Jon Willis Stockport
2004 Jon Willis Stockport
2003 Jon Willis Stockport
2002 Jon Willis Stockport
2001 Stephen Kingston u/a
2000 Nicolas Granjon Ducs Alengon
1999 Jon Willis Stockport
1998 Ymit Sina York
1997 Ymit Sina York
1996 Mark Thompson Chester
1995 Ymit Sina York
1994 Gary Longthorn West Lancashire
1993 Gary Clark West Lancashire
1992 Anton Pollard Spennymoor
1991 Anton Pollard Spennymoor
1990 Jim Campbell R C P
1989 Ian Jones Ashton
1988 Ian Jones Ashton
1987 P Cripwell Imperial College
1986 M Turner Reading
1985 Event not held
1984 Ian de Whalley Liverpool University
1983 Colin Scott Hawick
1982 Colin Scott Hawick
1981 Colin Scott Salle Ecosse
1980 David Carlisle Instonians
1979 John Littlehales Ashton


The tournament has traditionally been held in February, but in 1978 this was changed to November and consequently was held twice in that calendar year.

When the tournament reverted to February in 1986, there was a 15 month gap and no competition was staged during 1985.
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