MOFT Champions - Men’s Foil
Winners of the Richard Armstrong Cup for Men’s Foil
2020 Jaimie Cook Salle Holyrood
2019 Keith Cook Salle Holyrood
2018 Alexandre Arbelet Salle Holyrood
2017 Keith Cook Salle Holyrood
2016 Ben Priestley Bath Sword
2015 David Alexander Nottingham Cavaliers
2014 David Alexander Nottingham Cavaliers
2013 David Alexander Nottingham Cavaliers
2012 Thomas Corlett Salle Kiss
2011 Thomas Corlett Salle Kiss
2010 Steven Glaister Manchester
2009 Alex Lim Salle Boston
2008 James Davis Salle Paul
2007 James Davis Salle Paul
2006 James Davis Salle Paul
2005 Peter Barwell Salle Paul
2004 Robert Horton Coventry
2003 Robert Horton Coventry
2002 Robert Horton Solihull
2001 Patrick Forrester Sussex House
2000 Corin Beck Salle Jakab
1999 Robert Horton Solihull
1998 David Holland Salle Paul
1997 Adam Bates Ashton
1996 Patrick Forrester Sussex House
1995 Patrick Forrester Sussex House
1994 Jason Clarke Ashton
1993 Dominic Chang Bath
1992 Mark Thompson Chester
1991 Mark Thompson Chester
1990 Harry Lancaster Sussex House
1989 Mark Thompson Chester
1988 Charles Potter Lancashire Polytechnic
1987 Austin Rose Bristol
1986 Ray Swinnerton Stockport
1985 Event not held
1984 Mark Thompson Chester
1983 T G Thomas Hull Georgians
1982 T G Thomas Hull Georgians
1981 G Stafford-Bull BAF
1980 D Carlisle Instonians
1979 G Kay Hydra U/20
1978 (Nov) G Kay Hydra U/20
1978 (Feb) G Kay Hydra U/20
1977 Mark Thompson Chester
1976 T Bouchier-Hayes Salle Duffy
1975 P Wedge Hydra U/20
1974 P Wedge Hydra U/20
1973 J J Philbin Hydra
1972 C S Waldmann Cambridge University
1971 A Loveland Salle Boston
1970 G R Paul Salle Paul
1969 G Ganchev BAF
1968 A P Hughes Manchester University
1967 C P Rentoul London
1966 A P Hughes Manchester University
1965 J P Sutton Manchester C A E
1964 Winner not recorded
1963 C B Purchase Birmingham
1962 S L Blight Army
1961 A A Banks Wavertree
1960 G J Hawksworth Ashton
1959 Winner not recorded
1958 B G Hallam Manchester
1957 L S Veale Sheffield
1956 L S Veale Sheffield
1955 H McLoughlin Smith Sheffield
1954 Winner not recorded
1953 H McLoughlin Smith Sheffield
1952 W E Clayton U C Leicester
1951 C Trumper Birmingham
1950 F G Rentoul London
1949 C Trumper Birmingham
1948 R Paul Salle Paul
1947 R Paul Salle Paul
1946 C Trumper Birmingham
1940-45 Event not held
1939 E Peterson Zaaloff
1938 F C Bell


The tournament has traditionally been held in February, but in 1978 this was changed to November and consequently was held twice in that calendar year.

When the tournament reverted to February in 1986, there was a 15 month gap and no competition was staged during 1985.
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